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Toyota 89540-12190 ABS Control Module
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  • An engine control unit (ECU), nοw cаlled thе powertrain control module (PCM), іs type оf electronic control unit thаt controls series оfactuators оn аn іnternal combustion engine tо enѕυrе optimal engine performаnce.

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Tail light, abs, brake light ... oh my ! - Toyota Nation Forum : Toyota ...

By sarkast1k

11 Toyota Corolla Sedan ABS Plastic Rear Trunk Spoiler Wing LED Brake ...

Hi folks,

I am new here, hoping to get some input on a few issues....nothing complicated I'm sure, but still beyond my skill set.

In December I bought a 2009 Toyota Matrix 36kmiles (certified and all that supposedly)....

* We got our first few inches of snow here in Chicago 2 weeks ago...more of a snow/slush/ice mix. It caused quite a bit of slush/ice mix around the wheel I kicked some of it off. Then the next day the tire pressure, abs, and brake light came on. Filled the tires with air and the pressure light went off immediately. The other lights went off for 2 days, and now the abs and brake lights are back on (solid, not flashing). I'm thinking either sensors are dirty, or I or the snow/ice knocked something loose. Any other potential cause/solution? I'm going to check brake fluid level in the morning.

** 2 days after buying the car somehow the drivers side tail light was cracked with a peanut size hole on the clear part of the light. No bulbs broken or anything just the clear cover. Do I need to replace the whole light assembly? or is it an option to replace the clear part only? I'm looking online to buy a replacement, but I'm getting lost in the www of auto parts. Any advice on where to buy the replacement? Hoping I can install it myself.

*** I purchased the Toyota Premium service agreement with the car since it just passed 36k miles, and 2 days ago got a letter in the mail saying my car was not eligible for this plan??? I think they pulled a fast one on me and now I'm concerned taking the car to the dealer will cost me too much in repairs since I have no warranty or potentially no service agreement.

Any constructive advice or input would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

So for the first part of your question, I think that the wheel sensors have gone. Most probably due to moisture from the snow/slush kind of mix as you said. What you can do is that...

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11 Toyota Corolla Sedan ABS Plastic Rear Trunk Spoiler Wing LED Brake ...

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Koolertron High Definition CMD Car Reverse Rearview Cmos Camera for Toyota Corolla(& Corolla EX)...

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